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Aug. 6th, 2004 @ 10:01 am A new thread..

Taking a break from the mean streets of socio/politico weblogging, I was recently checking out a journal page of another blogger and it discussed the issue of clarity: the quality or state of being clear minded, or lucid. In this person’s site the final moments of true clarity end as life passes through the birth canal. Upon entering the world it all gets muddled-up with skewed perspectives, language, light, etc., (I don’t have permission as of yet to link the blog to this page – so pardon the abridged version).

But this started me thinking about moments of true spiritual clarity, where are these moments evidence at? I came-up with just a few:

Adam & Eve moments after the fall

Isaiah 6 –

Matthew 17:1-6

Luke 24:31

John 21:7, 15-17 (thru Peter’s welled-up eyes)

My own salvation

The birth of my own child

The death of a sister

What moments can you add to this list from the text or from life about you? Or is clarity never really attainable after birth as the writer believes?

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