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Jul. 26th, 2004 @ 05:54 pm Frustrated About Anger
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Date:August 3rd, 2004 12:07 pm (UTC)

Re: Simply Gray

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Well stated.

As I roll-up my sleeves, allow me to query the following comments, you wrote:

1) “Which is interesting because it follows along with my thought that "modern christians" often fail to see the negative about themselves and fix it according to the gospel.”

2) “As far as the Fact that I believe the bible is the only truly inspired doctrine, and NO OTHER DOCUMENT OR WORDLY PHILOSPHY SHOULD EVER ACOOMPANY IT, its true. Its entirely biblical. Paul often warns through the epistles that any and all wordly philosphy [sic] should be kept out of Good christin [sic] doctrine (the Bible).”

First, “modern Christians” – I would agree with your statement were it not so pointed against the “post” movement we are witnessing in the emerging church today. If you are referring to the cookie-cutter Christianity the country witnessed during the late 19th to middle 20th century – bang your right on; however, I must assume you mean the previous, so it is here where I take contention, “(we) fail to see the negative about (our)selves,” are you serious? This postmodern movement is honest with itself – we embrace the concepts of salvation and discipleship – we just believe they might come about in a different order: discipleship to salvation? We realize the negative aspects of our internal lives and the outward by-product this plays in our relations with community. This is sed contra to the window dressing many Christians bought into throughout the 20th century, i.e, the holiness movement. This “(post)modern Christian” movement just might be the most honest generation with itself to date and we openly seeking mentors who are willing to discuss the nature the self in relation to God. Believe me, this generation knows it has flaws and we are more than upfront and honest about them.

Furthermore, were it not for the blatant moral failings and gross corporate judgments of the Church and its leaders, both at times in complete denial of said incidents, the decline of the Church would not be so glaringly apparent today. This “(post)modern Christian” movement just might be the last building block the Church has to a generation that has recent evidence that the shiny-happy world so many church goers are living-in is not the “Six Flags Over Jesus” as some would try to present it as. This is a very troubling position to me and one that wafts Constantinian crusade rhetoric to it. (“repent my way or die”)

Second, its funny to me that you would cite Paul and his words concerning any addition to the doctrine (Bible). Because, as you know, there was no formal “bible” as it were – there was teachings, letters, etc., so which Bible is Paul referring to - you must mean the Vulgate? Hebrew Canon? Protestant canon, which? Which version? Since when does inspiration have a terminal point?

Please elaborate and support your position.