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Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 09:41 pm questions for posting
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Thank-you for allowing me to post.

As I look at the church of America I see so many breaks in belief. Some say god will come back and take his people, others say he will not return but leave the building of his house on earth to his people. While on other issues christians call for the death penalty, support war, and wish to further crusade across places that fail believe as America does think. A more close example is the debate between Dr. Anonymous, Corageously Anonymous, and soman – there is no unity. Two of you are for hate – one is for peace and love. Two say “it is in the bible!”, while one says look at the example of Jesus Christ.

My question then, how is it your church even stands? You are so divided on the basics of how to live? Does not your bible talk about a house divided? I see no label placed on people by Jesus like the labels you place on each person. This is not politics, this is people. You raise a body only to cut off the hands so it can do no work. Please explain.

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Date:August 11th, 2004 08:32 pm (UTC)
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You had to ask that question didn’t you? (Just kidding)

What you ask is very complex and I think there are separate issues within your understanding of what is the Church, the Bible, and America and the Church are.

The Church is man attempting to adhere to what he/she reads, prays, and interprets to be the God intended direction of His people. Many of us believe that Holy Spirit is the agent that speaks direction into our lives and subsequently drives us all in the same direction. The only problem is we are dealing interpretation – man interpreting, defining, and moving on what he/she believes to be the intentions of God, BUT (there is always a but in discussions like these) this hinges completely on what we (the Church) interpret our understanding of who God is and His desires for the present and future days of His people to be; does that make anything any clearer? I’m sure my spirited colleagues will jump all over me on that one, but I think this is a base from which we can start.

The Bible, as the Church embraces, is God’s word, BUT (see) like the above comment interpretation is extremely critical. And with this word (interpretation) begins the problem. We are fractured (divided) in the basic agreement of where interpretation begins and ends. (as you will soon witness by additional responses) The ultimate problem is God is completely beyond our full interpretation. We are flawed in this aspect. This is why the role of faith, grace, and patience are so critical to the Church. We must have faith that our direction is as He intends. In our error we pray that Grace will be extended, after all we are inherently flawed from the beginning. Furthermore, patience is critical – our desires for control push us to take the reins at almost every turn, but if we are patient in sensitive issues, God makes His ways clear.

America, well we’re a bit brash. I have watched your posts and your jaded view of what America is to you as with the rest of the world, and having done some extensive travel I would have to agree that we are pretty messed up bunch. But as life has shown you, ‘you have to work with what you have.’ I don’t think that our views, as a country, are anywhere near perfect. However, the liberties that we enjoy are to be cherished (though these are diminishing everyday) and its because of the liberties that our views are interpreted to be even more fractured, especially when it comes to issue of the religion and politics. We tend to want to separate these issue, but the moral filters that we have in place as Christians makes this very difficult for instance take “CA” and myself : to him I am a corrupted liberal – one which there is no repentance worthy enough for true recovery. But the liberal term is a political “label” that some Christians wish to bring in the discussion when their interpretations of the above are challenged. I too, am guilty of this – but I think you get the point. Interpretation is a critical element in the formula of what you are witnessing.

As for your “raising a body…” comment, simply smashing! Sadly, I could not agree with you more. Here in the States we have a somewhat old saying “We’ve came along way baby!”, but I think we can agree we have a further bit to go as well.